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the-author A Short Bio: My mission is to empower people, families, and communities to slim down. I create simple tools to help people eat better effortlessly at home, at work, when eating out, and at the grocery store. My approach is a painless, scalable, meet-people-where-they-are way to lose weight without using the word “can’t.” I love French food and French fries, and I love Cabernet and Diet Coke. We just need to help our favorite foods fit better — and mindlessly — in our lives. This book provides the blueprint for a slimmer you, but it also provides the blueprint for a slimmer family, slimmer communities, and a slimmer nation. A Long One: Brian Wansink is a behavioral economist and food psychologist, perhaps the foremost expert in changing what and how much people eat. He helped introduce the 100-calorie pack and he launched the Smarter Lunchroom Movement. He published his ideas in the groundbreaking book Mindless Eating. In it, he shows people how to eat less and eat better without conscious thought. He has now launched the Slim by Design Movement to help us eat better. The movement connects us to our companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and schools to help. Wansink is Director of the famed Cornell Food and Brand Lab and is the former White House-appointed Director in charge of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He is also a former amateur stand-up comic and he plays saxophone in a rock band and a jazz quartet. He has three young daughters and lives in Ithaca, New York.

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Speaking Engagements and Consulting

Dr. Wansink and his Slim by Design team offer a range of consulting and speaking services, including:
  1. Keynote speaking
  2. Private trainings and presentations on improving eating habits
  3. Assistance on behavioral interventions to improve eating habits of consumers
  4. Certification in Slim By Design methods
  5. Company consulting on designing products, packaging, and service offerings that profitably help consumers become slim by design.
Contact the team at sbd@slimbydesign.org to discuss consulting and speaking engagements.

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