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“ This is blueprint for a slimmer you, but it’s also the blueprint for slimmer families, communities, and nations.”
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Simple fixes to help you shed pounds. TODAY Health and Wellness, 2014
For everyone who wants to lose weight, but doesn’t think they can do it. Dr. Oz, 2014
Actionable tools for not getting duped by our environments. Huffington Post, 2014
His research is so clever because he’s sneaky. Business Insider, 2014
Excellent suggestions…secret tools. Gretchen Rubin, 2014
Slim By Design provides tons of practical and useful tools to help you and your family seamlessly improve your eating habits and make better food choices., 2014
The health benefits beyond just weight loss are too important to ignore. Bustle, 2014
Small and effective, research-based changes., 2014
Calls for a societal overhaul of how we approach food and eating. Maclean’s, 2014
This book is a revelation!…Every plant or office manager, school lunch supervisor, restaurateur, and parent should have this book. Susan B. Hagloch, Library Journal Book Reviews, 2014
The true “shortcut” to forge a fighter’s physique. Men’s Fitness, 2014
It’s about making it easier for everyone to do the right thing. Dr. Oz, 2014
This Fast-Food-Loving, Organics-Hating Ivy League Prof Will Trick You Into Eating Better. Mother Jones, 2015
“This book is a revelation!” writes the Library Journal Review. In Slim by Design, leading behavioral economist, food psychologist, and bestselling author Brian Wansink introduces groundbreaking solutions for designing our most common spaces – our homes, our favorite restaurants, our favorite grocery store, our work site, and our children’s schools, among others – in order to make positive changes in how we approach and manage our diets. Anyone familiar with Dr. Wansink’s Mindless Eating knows this is not a typical diet book. Dr. Wansink shares his scientific approach to tweaking our environment to make us Slim by Design rather than fat by design. The pioneer of the Small Plate Movement, Brian Wansink presents compelling research conducted by the famed Cornell University Food and Brand Lab by way of cartoons, drawings, charts, graphs, floor plans, and more. Slim by Design offers innovative ways to make healthy eating mindlessly easy and to change the world along the way. Read the Official Press Release      

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