How can you become SLIM BY DESIGN, without dieting?

The solution to mindless eating is not mindful eating—our lives are just too crazy and our willpower too wimpy.
Change your environment so you never need to diet

Becoming Slim by Design means taking small actions in the five places that booby-trap more than 80% of our eating: our home, our favorite restaurants, our corner grocery store, our office, and our child’s school lunchroom. By making even one of these small, 2-minute changes, you could prevent nearly 19,000 calories a year in “mindless eating” – that’s about 5.5 pounds of weight gain averted in one year!

Recognize that your environment determines a significant amount of what you eatIf you just came back from work and were feeling hungry, would you steal a chip or two or three from a a bag of chips lying on your kitchen counter? Most people would probably either would or they would spend a lot of willpower resisting the urge to eat the chips. It’s one reason why people with chips on their counter weigh 18 lbs more than their neighbor who instead has a fruit bowl.

As we’ve gotten older, wiser, and lazier, we’ve gradually arranged our homes to make our favorite tasty foods easier to find and eat. Meanwhile, the same thing has been happening all around us. Restaurants have made it easier to order tasty food. Supermarkets have made it easier to buy. Workplaces have made it easier to eat at our desks. School lunchrooms have made it easier to pile everything onto a tray. It has all helped to make us “overweight by design.”

Here’s what you can do: Make it easier to eat better, without fighting yourself all day long.
  1. START A KITCHEN MAKEOVER: Use the 10-point kitchen scorecard to see if your kitchen is making you healthy or heavy
  2. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENTS: Using the office, dine-in, fast food, and grocery store scorecards, rate how much your other eating zones can help you become Slim By Design.
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