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How Many Calories in a Thanksgiving Feast? One Family Finds Out Today Show | 11/25/2014 How many calories are there in a Thanksgiving meal? To find out, the Rossen Reports team organized an early holiday dinner for the Lemieux family of Monroe, Connecticut, including turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, and stuffing. Read More


Avoid Overeating at Thanksgiving by Ditching Your Serving Tongs and Good China Slate | 11/25/2014 Thanksgiving is the most gluttonous day of the year. Gathering for a feast to celebrate thankfulness has turned into a national eating contest, with the average American possibly scarfing down 4,500 calories of turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Can a Thanksgiving meal be generous without going overboard? Read More


Does This Menu Make Me Look Fat? Oprah | 11/13/2014 Brian Wansink, Ph.D, the author of Slim By Design, designed a quiz to see if you’re really making the healthiest choices when dining out. He’s got the answers to keeping your waistline while eating at your favorite restaurants. Read More


6 Psychological Tricks For Losing Weight Business Insider | 11/04/2014 Why is there an obesity epidemic? It’s not because we eat the wrong things or we lack exercise. Research shows that, plain and simple, most of us just eat too much …. Read More


The Sneaky Way To Get Kids To Eat Healthy School Lunches Huffington Post | 10/16/2014 Offering healthy foods in the school lunchroom is just a first step. How to get kids to actually choose the better options and eat them is where professor Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, comes in. Read More
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‘Slim by Design’: Change Environment to Eat Healthy Chicago Tribune | 10/13/2014 Brian Wansink has been watching what you eat for almost 30 years. OK, maybe not you, when you’re sneaking snacks in the kitchen at 1 a.m. after binge-watching something on Netflix. But the researcher and his teams have watched some of you (both thin and portly) work those all-you-can-eat buffets at Chinese restaurants. And watched what you’ve been tossing in grocery carts here and around the world. Read More


“Slim by Design”: How Design Changes Can Help You Lose Weight CBS News | 10/10/2014 New book says you don’t need to diet to lose weight, you just need to change your surroundings. Brian Wansink, author of “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life,” joins “CBS This Morning” to offer a few tools. Read More
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Secrets to Eating Less and Feeling Fuller The Dr Oz Show | 10/9/2014 Dr. Brian Wansink Reveals Why People Overeat. Dr. Oz and Dr. Wansink disucss the mystery of mindless eating and the three foods making your kitchen a “fat kitchen.” Read More
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Master Your Munching: Simple Ways to Eat Less Every Day The Today Show | 10/9/2014 Every day we make more than 200 subconscious food choices. That’s right —from whether to have a bagel or oatmeal for breakfast to how many cookies we have after lunch, we’re mindlessly eating all day. What we may not realize is how much our environment — whether we snack at our desks or grocery shop when we’re hungry — affects our eating habits. Read More
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7 Tips To Make It Easier To Have Healthy Eating Habits Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project | 10/8/2014 Many people were very intrigued by my interview with behavioral scientist Brian Wansink and his ideas. He studies eating behavior and consumer habits, and has a book that just came out: Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life. I asked him for some of his top tools, and he gave me these excellent suggestions to “Help your kitchen make you slim.” Read More
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With a new book and hefty portions of user-friendly research, Mindless Eating guru Brian Wansink offers practical tools for stress-free slimming Cornell Alumni Magazine | Sept/Oct 2014 Offer most kids the choice between apple slices or French fries, and odds are they’ll go for the greasy goodness. But what if you first ask them to ponder a philosophical question: Which would Batman choose? Read More
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Creating a Slim-By-Design Kitchen Parents | 9/29/14 According to Brian Wansink, Ph.D., Director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and author of the new book, Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions For Everyday Life, slim-by-design homes start with the grocery store. He says, “What you buy determines what you eat at home.” But before you even set foot in a grocery store, Wansink says it’s vital to do a few things to set your home up to help you and your children easily eat better without even thinking about it. Read More
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A School Lunch Tray Redesign to Trick Kids Into Making Healthy Choices Slate | 9/24/14 Here at The Eye, Wansink shares an adapted excerpt from the book that presents an idea for a stealthily redesigned school lunch tray—currently in the prototype phase—that he hopes will help kids make healthy choices without having to think twice. Read More
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How To Be Slim By Design The Boston Globe | 9/24/14 “The solution to mindless eating is not mindful eating — our lives are just too crazy and our willpower’s too wimpy,” wrote Cornell University nutrition professor Brian Wansink in his new book, Slim by Design. His solution? Eliminate kitchen clutter and comfy counter stools, sit near the window at a restaurant, and chew mint gum at the grocery store. Read More
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A Cornell Scientist Came Up with Four Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting Quartz | 9/24/14 The best diet may be the one you don’t know you’re on. If you change just one lifestyle habit, instead of struggling to power through a traditional “diet,” you can lose two or more pounds each week. If you change up to three habits, you may lose more. Sounds simple? It can be, according to Dr. Brian Wansink, consumer behavior psychologist and marketing professor at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University who is on a mission to end dieting through what he calls “mindless eating,” which he details in his new book, Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life. Read More
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You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting (Though Your Bod Is Probably Pretty Great As It Is) Bustle | 9/24/14 Is it possible to get healthy or lose weight without dieting? We’re firmly in the pro-healthy-living but anti-diet camp over here, so if there’s a way to drop unhealthy extra pounds (stress on unhealthy — your bod is probably pretty great as it is) or get healthy without resorting to diets, I’m all ears. Read More logo


Could You Make Your Life Slimmer By Design? | 9/22/14 Have you ever looked in the mirror, frustrated by your expanding waistline, and asked yourself, “how did this happen?” Cornell University professor, Brian Wansink, Ph.D. may have not only uncovered the reason for your mysterious weight gain, but more importantly, the way to manipulate your environment to slim down. As a behavioral economist researcher, he has authored over 200 academic articles and books on the fascinating science of eating behaviors. Read More


9 Ways to Lose Weight by Rearranging Your Kitchen USA Today | 9/21/14 A kitchen makeover may be the first step to losing weight. If you declutter your kitchen, you’re likely to snack about half as much, and if you don’t keep breakfast cereal on the kitchen counters, you may weigh about 20 pounds less than your neighbor who has it in plain view, says one of the nation’s top researchers on eating behavior. Read More


The Interview: Brian Wansink On Why We Eat What We Eat MacLean’s | 9/20/14 The director of the Cornell University food and brand lab on his new book, and how eating mindlessly might actually be a good thing. Read More
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How to Rearrange Your Environment to Lose Weight Vox | 9/20/14 The design of a food label, the size of a package, the name of a restaurant item: for more than two decades, Cornell professor Brian Wansink has been studying how these little things add up to shape the decisions we make about our food — and reshape our bodies. You may remember Wansink from such classic research as “the bottomless bowls” study, which showed that people will mindlessly guzzle down soup as long as their bowls are automatically refilled, or the “bad popcorn” study, which demonstrated that we’ll gobble up stale and unpalatable food when it’s presented to us in huge quantities. Read More
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Library Journal Review: Slim by Design by Brian Wansink Library Journal | 9/19/14 This book is a revelation! Based on proven psychology, it outlines the simple, easy, low-cost things that can be done to fat-proof your home, company break room, grocery store, favorite restaurants, and school cafeteria. Merely rearranging your cupboards so that the shredded wheat is easier to reach than the Cap’n Crunch; stashing your chips in the cupboard and putting a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table; and changing the location of vending machines to a little-used hallway can save you up to several hundred calories per day, which will result in lost weight, and, more important, gently nudge you to revise your habits for the better. Read More


How Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Your Office And Even Your Kitchen Trick You Into Eating More Huffington Post | 9/17/14 Chew on this: When it comes to eating healthfully, our environments may be working against us. Read More


5 Things You’re Doing Wrong at the Grocery Store Oprah | 9/16/14 Our best and worst eating habits start in a grocery store, says consumer behavior expert Brian Wansink. But his tiny tweaks can change the way you eat (and have nothing to do with buying low-fat). Read More
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Food Expert Suggests Changes to Lose Weight — Willpower Not Required Los Angeles Times | 9/12/14 Need to lose weight? Instead of changing yourself, you might consider changing your environment. Read More
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6 Meal Prep Hacks for Any Fitness Goal Men’s Fitness | 9/9/14 You don’t have to travel much further than your home kitchen to lose fat and build muscle. It’s no surprise that hard training, harder recovery, and portion-controlled nutrition fuel a lean and powerful physique. But the true “shortcut” to forge a fighter’s physique is to make good food choices. Imagine your kitchen as a muscle-building cafeteria, a place where you find nothing but healthy meal options. Read More


Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life Cornell Cast | 8/18/14 The way our homes, schools, restaurants, workplaces, and grocery stores are set up predictably lead us to pick up cookies rather than apples. But just as they’ve evolved to make us overeat, we can easily redesign them to make us slim, according to Brian Wansink, the John Dyson Professor of Consumer Behavior at Cornell and head of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab. Read More

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