“Do” is stronger than “Don’t”

Making healthier food choices can be as simple as
telling ourselves what we can eat and not what we can't...

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What Kind of Eater You Are?

Is it easier for you to use a small plate than to remind yourself to not serve too much on a big one?

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Brian Wansink, Ph. D.
Director, Cornell Food Lab

World-renowned eating behavior expert

Directed US Dietary Guidelines (MyPlate) for the White House.

Wrote best-selling Mindless Eating (25 languages) and Slim by Design™.

Pioneered 100-calorie packs, Small Plate Movement, Healthy Weight Registry, and Smarter Lunchrooms.

Father of three young girls.

Lover of French food and French fries.

What Experts Say…

The Oprah Magazine

Oprah's Weight Loss Recommendations

"Brian Wansink's discoveries might very well change your life."

Dr. David Katz
ABC News Medical Contributor

Dr. David Katz believes in Slim by Design

"He (Brian) is quite literally in a class by himself...His insights are, indeed, unique and compelling [and] his work is relevant, pragmatic, and often brilliant."

Dr. Mehmet Oz
TV Health Host

Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Tips

"I love that Brian brings science to a process that’s an enigma to so many of us and you make it easy for us to do the right thing."

Sarah Moulton
Food Network Star

Food Network Weight Loss Experts

"Absolutely fascinating. This solid plan can knock 10 to 20 pounds off of any of us in a year. Ironically and delightfully, you could call it a mindless diet—one you don't know you're on."

"This was more than just a weight loss program.
It was about learning how to manage a lifetime of good habits (and tricks) to help maintain a healthy life."

Steve (April 1, 2015)